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Sandra Hasegawa Ingalls

Landscape Architect


My passion is to rejuvenate your home and garden to enhance your lifestyle and beautify your home.  I help you fuse your home's architectural style with garden spaces crafted from plants, water, wood, metal, and stone, which bring vitality and life to your surroundings, creating dynamic spaces that beckon you in. 

With a focus on symbiotic design, I work with a site’s natural systems.  Embracing the benefits of green infrastructure; cost-effective, eco-friendly, low maintenance solutions evolve naturally.  For example, the

poetry of rain is celebrated as it falls to the earth through rain chains.  Stormwater can be used for irrigation, soil infiltration, as well as for dynamic water features.

The possibilities to explore are endless.   A problem can often be an opportunity in disguise, for a high impact garden makeover.  


I offer on-site consultation or complete landscape plans. 

Education: Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, University of Washington, 1975

Registration: Washington State Landscape Architect

Experience: Foresight Inc. 1990-present; Earth Enterprises1977-1990

Professional Membership: Washington Association of Landscape Professionals

Volunteer Work: Outdoor Youth Connections 2007-present;

Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Foundation 2011-2016

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